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LINE Pay Button Examples

Capitalization Guide

When displaying LINE Pay, the case is not changed arbitrarily.

capitalization guide

List Type

The logo must be in a recognizable size and balanced with the text, and the shape and proportion must be maintained even when the size changes.

list type guide

list type example

Radio Button Type

The logo must be placed with a minimum margin, and the shape and proportions of the logo cannot be changed or decorated.

radio type guide

radio type example

Select Box Type

Even when placed on a variety of buttons, the visibility and integrity of the logo must be ensured by adjusting the margins and volume.

select box type guide

select box type example

Button Type

The logo and text inside the button should be balanced and spaced at regular intervals. You cannot arbitrarily change the color, height, or text arrangement of the defined button.

button type guide 1

button type guide 2

button type example