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Logo Guidelines

LINE Pay LOGO is a trademark under legal protection and it is possible to use a merchants and partners under contract with LINE Pay.
Therefore, merchant and partners should observe below guidelines and the trandmarks law, to protect LINE's trademark.
It is highly restricted in case of a breach of this rule, and may request legal measures so that please be aware of usage.

Download LOGO

Please,click on an icon which you want to download. 

Click on the type of files to download below, you can download the file.

Regulations prohibiting the use of Logo

  • To use excerpts partially LOGO
  • To use the LOGO as a partial app icon or a full app icons.
  • To use the LOGO as a background or profile photo
  • To use the LOGO to make or put links to services that are not connected to Rabbit LINE Pay
  • To use the logo modified or changed

Prohibit modification and distortion of LOGO

Such a changing Rabbit LINE Pay LOGO is resulted in damage Rabbit LINE Pay brand image. Please, follow the guidelines and avoid common mistakes of using LOGO.



Example of color changing

Examples of changing color during processing and utilization are changed to aid the proper color.When utilizing widely available brand mark shall be consulted in advance. Contact at: dl_lp_design@linecorp.com

Basic color representation

  • LINE Pay Logo
  • LINE Pay Logo

Rabbit LINE Pay's basic color is often used in white background.

Example to use intensity 

LINE Pay Logo Brightness