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It is very easy and
simple to integrate with

Welcome to LINE Pay Developers' page!
Check out the API guide below and
experience LINE Pay with Sandbox.



LINE Pay server is a payment system that members can use on merchant center of LINE Pay.
When they join a merchant, they can attract LINE members from around the world who are using LINE to their customers.

Try out LINE Pay

To understand how LINE Pay works between the merchant and the user, an overview of LINE Pay is helpful.
  Also, please check which payment function is provided and the integration flow.

If you have e-mail account, you can create Sandbox account.

LINE Pay Brand Resource

LINE Pay LOGO is a trademark under legal protection and it is possible to use a merchants and partners under contract with LINE Pay.
Therefore, merchant and partners should observe below guidelines and the trandmarks law, to protect LINE's trademark.
It is highly restricted in case of a breach of this rule, and  may request legal measures so that please be aware of usage.